Environmental Commitment


alaska grown

When it comes to supporting Alaska grown, I lead by example. The Mountain View and Airport Heights farmers markets are two of my favorite places to speak with constituents and learn how to best support our local farmers, fishers, and small businesses. These Alaskans are driven entrepreneurs who are providing economic opportunities in communities across our state.  

I am proud to have passed House Bill 217, which encourages the State of Alaska, school districts, and municipalities to buy more Alaska Grown agricultural and fisheries products. It eliminates obstacles to farm touring, and opens up opportunities for Alaska's small but thriving agriculture industry. 

Protect Wild Alaska Salmon

As Alaskans, wild salmon is a part of our way of life. I have consistently introduced legislation that would protect our fisheries and wild Alaska salmon. They have ranged from a bill that prohibits the sale of genetically modified fish, "Frankenfish," in Alaska to calling for federal action on salmon and other fisheries-related issues. The fishing industry is Alaska's top private sector employer and our annual seafood exports total over 3.25 billion dollars, and I will do all that I can to support it.  

Renewable Energy

In Alaska, we have a great opportunity to create jobs by developing renewable energy and investing in clean energy. The natural gas pipeline project will provide quality jobs and clean energy for decades. It needs to be done right, meet the needs of all Alaskans, and ensure Alaskans receive the maximum benefit. I’ve stood up for Alaskans by asking tough questions because we can’t afford to continue the ways of the past when we spent hundreds of millions on projects that are never completed. Instead, we must invest in Alaska’s future.

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