Safe Communities

Your safety is my priority. You have the right to feel safe in your home, on the street, and in our parks. I am proud to have the endorsement of Anchorage police and firefighters and will continue to work with them to support public safety. 

Children’s Safety

My passion for child abuse prevention grew after learning how high our rates are in Alaska. Alaska has twice the national average of child abuse and six times the national average for child sexual abuse. We must do more to protect our children from abuse. I championed the passage of Erin’s Law, which equips families, educators, and our kids with critical body safety information to prevent child sexual abuse. This was amended to include Bree’s Law, to provide teen dating violence prevention. The safety of our children will always be a top priority. I have organized park clean-ups and worked on long-term plans for safe parks and Safe Walk to School legislation.

From my own adverse childhood experiences I know how damaging and lasting the impact of abuse can be. Every child deserves schools and communities that prioritize their well-being, and to be raised in safe homes with a loving family.

Mental Health

Alaska needs legislation that provides law enforcement with the tools they need to decrease the state’s high rates of suicide, domestic violence, and drug abuse. I have a proven record of adapting state policy to include more prevention-based services and restorative practices that promote healing, and in the process, help save the State of Alaska from the social and economic costs of drug and alcohol abuse.

domestic violence

We made progress in addressing Alaska's long-standing sexual assault problem with passage of my House Bill 31, which implements a victim-centered approach, requires training for law enforcement in sexual assault response and an annual audit of untested kits. I am proud that funding to test the backlog of rape kits also passed this year. Rape kit reform is a life-saving measure that will get dangerous criminals off of our streets and give victims the justice they deserve.

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