Elect Geran Tarr for State House

Hardworking and Effective

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Representative Geran Tarr is proud to represent the 19th House District, which includes the people of Russian Jack, Airport Heights and Mountain View neighborhoods in Northeast Anchorage. She is committed to fighting crime, supporting education, and protecting your PFD.

Geran grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Akron, Ohio. After earning her degree in botany and women's studies from Ohio University, Geran came to Alaska for a post-graduation road trip. That road trip didn't go quite as planned because she fell in love with Alaska and never went back! This year Geran is celebrating her 20th anniversary in Alaska, and her 20th year teaching science lab classes at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she also earned her Master’s degree in Public Administration.

She has devoted her life in Anchorage to teaching and public service, and is very excited for the opportunity to continue representing her community.